• What is a Sound Bath?

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    What is a Sound Bath?

    A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to help you take care of your mind and body.

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    How Does a Sound Bath Work?

    The experience involves laying down or seated in a comfortable position an a mat listening to the instruments played with pure intention. Blankets, Pillows, and water are recommended as well.
    Therapeutic instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and gongs stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind.

    Alpha brainwaves are present during light meditation, daydreaming and deep relaxation. Theta brainwaves are present during REM dreaming sleep, deep meditation and hypnosis. These states are considered the gateway to the subconscious mind and it's here where we experience heightened creativity, depth of imagination and access to the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place.

    By connecting with your inner harmony, you will find yourself in a place where you are able to powerfully resonate with all things you would like to call into your life. One of the biggest results from attending a sound bath is a state of deep rest and relaxation.