• Chris Pfaff

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    About Me


    A journey that all started around my 40th birthday. Through my 20’s and 30’s, I have been a DJ playing various events and witnessing how music can control the room.

    Through the power of music, you may see someone fall in love with that special someone, break down in tears, or be filled with joy. It really is special when you can curate music for an evening and control the energy, emotion, and flow of a room.

    In my late 30’s I developed tinnitus (ringing in my ears). The Dr.’s immediately wanted to prescribe medication to deal with the tinnitus. I declined and found meditation was a tool I could use to deal with my newly developed condition. It was through meditation that I found myself drawn to the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls. The meditation and sounds helped lower my stress and learn to deal with something that others with the same condition find a major distraction.

    This directed me onto a path of wanting to shift what I was doing as a DJ and to use sound as a vehicle for healing. Seeking mastery, the path led to diverse disciplines—from the scientific nuances of frequency to the artistry of music therapy and vibrational medicine. Each lesson was a melody, harmonizing the understanding of sound's profound effects on the human body, mind, and spirit.

    By my 40th birthday I had successfully become licensed and certified in vibrational sound therapy and started my business called Sacred Sounds. A sound healing business using singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other instruments to orchestrate healing harmonies for self-care.

    I have been offering Sound therapy and Sound bath sessions around Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado for 5 years now. Holding space for people using sound, people can find help with relaxation, stress relief, reduce anxiety, get better sleep, addiction problems and achieve a better overall wellbeing.

    Working with people from pre-school age all the way up to senior citizens sound has been an amazing tool to share with people for the use of self-care.

    Continuing my education in self-care practices, I am also certified with 200-hour meditation teacher training and registered through Meditation Aliance International.

    Ask yourself. When was the last time you took 1 hour for yourself for rest and relaxation focused just on you? Now, I can proudly say that I provide a safe space for that rest and relaxation to happen.